Hello my name is LiLi!
I'm a VTuber who wants to promote comfy and positive vibes while streaming. Our community is known as the Foxfires, and we play a variety of indie games, work on digital art, or just chill and chat! If that feels like your vibe, we'd be happy to have you join us!

You can check out my work on most social media sites, or drop by one of my streams to say "Hi" on Twitch (Or maybe feed Chimken a seed)!<( ̄︶ ̄)>


Thank you for taking an interest in my art!
I now do my commissions using V.Gen!
You can see my commission prices and types here: V.Gen.co/LiLi_Pupp

Work Queue
STATUS Selective
My VGen commissions are currently open!


  • Bust up/Thigh up

  • Simple Background

  • Great for Vtuber schedules!

  • Vtuber Logos

  • Vtuber design drawn in a comfy "snuggie"

  • Transparent and/or simple background

  • Can included reactive image expression if requested

  • Great for Discord reactive collabs!

Terms of Service

Won't Draw:
- NSFW/fetish
- Mecha
- Gore/violence/hateful

- The designer has the right to refuse any project/commission request.
- Work in Progress may be shown on Twitch (twitch.tv/LiLi_Pupp), please arrange with designer if you need artworks to remain private.
- All projects are digital goods, no physical items will be shipped.
- All payments are in $CAD
- Payments are through Paypal invoicing
- Full Payment is required upfront at the start of the project.
- Designer has the right to cancel and refund the amount of any project if it cannot be completed for any reason.
- Client may cancel and request a refund up until the first draft is sent.
- If work is already completed a refund cannot be issued for that completed work.
- Please communicate any deadlines to the designer before work begins. Additional fees may be charged for rush services.
- A first draft or sketch will be provided to give a general direction of the art piece. Once confirmed by client, work will begin and updates may be provided to the client through the working stage. Clients may also request an update on their project at anytime. Designer will confirm with the client on final completion of the project before final delivery.
- Small revisions that stick within the original direction of the design are fine, but they must be kept concise. Any larger scaled changes will be subject to additional fees. The designer holds discretion on what constitutes a small or large change to the project.
- Projects are submitted as finalized .png images to the client's e-mail. It is then the client's responsibility to save and store those images themselves.
- By default, the designer retains all rights to the designs and allows the client to use the designs for their intended purposes only.
- The client does not have the right to repurpose, redistribute, profit, or modify any of the design work, unless written and agreed upon with the designer.

Welcome to Camp Foxfire

Welcome Campers!
This is an annual community event that we host on my Twitch channel.
Here you can find links for your badge boards, badges, and merch for the event.

You can save the badge board image (above) and use an editing software of your choice to add the stream badges you collect. If you don't have an editing program you can also make a free account with Canva and use the template link below:
Canva Template

We also have exclusive merch to celebrate the event!
Order yours on my Ko-fi store front Here